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Mechatronics Engineering

General Information

The vision of Marmara University, Technology Faculty, Mechatronics Engineering, which commenced in 2010/2011 academic year, is to become a department that has an effective role in scientific, technological, and academic activities in the national and international levels and to become a department whose graduates receive international recognition.

According to this vision, as the Department of Mechatronics Engineering, our aim is to train engineers; with a synergy of technology-oriented, dynamic, combination of multidisciplinary that features the characteristics of creating nationally and internationally recognized outcomes, sensitivity to environmental and social issues, collaboration, leadership, creativity, and entrepreneurship.

Our target is to combine different abilities; to design an electro-mechanical device and communication system that may include all kinds of complex mechanical, electric, electronic and optical components, to develop a production technology, to set up an interrelated system and to validate the developed system by recognized testing methods.

You can refer to our brochure for more detailed information.

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